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No Passion BS, NO Inspiration BS, JUST MONEY!
(note: I use my own language)
From: Morgan
To: You. (within 24 hours the same as me)
Hey, Morgan here!
In 7 years, I built a laid back empire that pays me over a $300k a year. I don’t have to do anything for that money. Over 9,000 students, worldwide, have copied the exact method that I am using.
I did incredible things to reach my goal by the age of 24. At that point. I stopped working. It is now 2017. I am 30 years old, and I haven’t worked in six years.

There is only 1 question left.
Who the, how the, why the F… went it so good for me.

How did I get to the point where at the age of 24 I was retired?
I could believe it. Going out there. Shopping. Seeing the world around me for the first time. I got to travel. My previous job would not allow me to travel.
My office was wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted.
This picture was taken in Cambodia on a tropical beach. 
This one was taken in the Dominican Republic.
Gorgeous hotel I visit every 3 months.
I love it!
This was the first thing I bought when I retired.
(BEST Gaming VIDEO card)
Awkward, I think.
I do whatever I want. Nothing is impossible for me. I have done martial arts, music production, firework displays, spending 90% of my time being a dad, playing games etc. The problem was; I was retired. I could pack my day to the brim with these fun activities, and I still had time to spare. Why? It was all down to time management. Never heard about it? Don’t worry!
I going to tell you ALL on this page!
Without saying crap like: It is to hard to get you to this level. You need to work till your back starts to crack. You need to be your own slave.
I Thought I Was A Complete Failure…
A little while ago I finished school.
Back then, I worked in a clothing distribution center.

I stuck to that job a long fucking time because it was “THE best paid” job. I didn’t know any better. I even had $12,000 in debt as I lent money to people who I should not have loaned it to. I had 2 kids. I was married. Debts started to pile up. I woke up every single morning to drive 50km to that job which I hated. A job which gave me just 1% freedom.

When I got home, things did not improve. I would get into fights with my wife about unpaid bills, I ate, I drank. I then slept. I didn’t sleep for very long. The next day came far too soon. It was an endless hell, and I repeated it every day. 
Don’t Do The Same as I Did!
Because Shit Went Real This Time…
I reinvented the wheel. I decided that I am going to work from home. I am going to do my own stuff, and I am going to earn my own money. I was really pissed off at those ‘get rich’ systems. They were shit, and the fact that these systems were so shit really annoyed me.
It got to the point where I was:
  • Working 19 hours a day. A zombie was more alive than me.
  • I let my family down.
  • My kids forgot I existed
  • I was sick and I was tired. I knew I was doing it wrong, and that was a massive regret.
It was all Chinese to me
In a couple of words I going to reveal to you the cornerstone of everything that has resulted in the fantastic life I have now

If I can do it... you can do it…
Can you imagine that you can travel 80% of the world before you
get tired of traveling while still be paying big time?
What about the incredible 7 wonders around the world?
You best get your checklist ready…
The First Step:
Be Able To Live Your Dream
Tons of seminars, webinars, events, books, and videos telling you about LIVING the dream… while the journey has not even started.
I will tell you everything in just one line:
Life Your Dream Wise And Get It Twice!
I say this because if you put in the effort, you are getting twice the dreams.
That’s how it works!
This is fucking easy.

Just grab the big fat LOAD: Money.

Eat sleep work repeat to get that TINY little fraction of light at the end of the tunnel. This light is freedom. You only get 3% of it max, 97% is work.
Working this much makes us sick and tired.
Get It Straight And Easy!
A rock solid passive income stream is KING. You have time to spend, and you don’t have the stress involved.
The gurus can inspire you. You know the ones. These are the people that tell you that help to motivate you. However, if you are motivated without knowing how to get the money, that motivation is pointless.
So, ignore all that crap from the web!
What you need is a system. A system which will tell you the best way of securing a decent stream of money. You want this system to work, even if you are away for months on end. Maybe you are deep in the jungle and you have no chance to access the internet.
How Many Hours Does It Cost
You To Live Your Dream?
Count the days you are sitting on that ass without money.
Now, exchange that life for a life with cashflow.
A huge amount of cash flow.
Being a KING everywhere you like, without worrying about anything.
Feel like a boss! You can do it!
When you watch yourself in the mirror and say… HELL NO!
Today I do the fuck I want, and stay in your hammock drinking coconuts and Dom perignon. What a life!
“Isn’t This Getting Saturated?”
This is one of the most common questions I get asked. It comes as no surprise really. You arrived on this Planet. You were thrust into a school and told how you will need to act for the rest of your life. This is to act a certain way so later on, somebody can give you a job. Over the years, you were taught that this was the right way to think. You were told that it was the only way to think. You were taught never to go outside of that comfort zone. This is wrong.
Just 0.2% of people are going to break that employee and boss structure. 99% of these people are going to fail. The rest, a very small amount, will make something with their life.
Everybody that fails is going to give up. They will go back to their 9 to 5 job. They will remain there...forever.
You don’t need to go through all of the mistakes, misery, anguish and pain that I went through. You won’t have to go through the loss. I did it all so you don’t have to. I can give you a rock solid, steady, predicatable income that can give you value to your life. It can help you complete it.
FIXED Recurrent
I am talking about a system that has been worked on for a long time. It has helped millions of people make effortless money. My students are proof that this system works.
I spent 7 years researching this system. Day in, day out. I fine tuned this system that met my needs. Every month, I can pay my bills without fear that I am going to lose the steadiness that it provides. This is the exact security that I need in my life.
This is a real automatic business that gives value to your life. An income so high that you will be able get that vacation you want ever month. There is no other system in the world that gives you the money that you need quite like this one.
You don’t have to have any experience to set up this remote business. You just follow my blueprint. I know it works. I have been teaching my students how to set up their business for over seven years now. Most of them have been able to get their business up and running in less than 24 hours.
Your 100% Laptop Lifestyle Blueprint!
Was $67 - Now 88% OFF - Just $9
(PDF-format and VIDEO viewable on ANY device)
  • Setup Within 24 hours
  • Instantly Monthly Payed
  • 100% Self Controlled
  • Self-Sustained 0 Time Loss!
  • NO Study Leverage Needed!
  • Endless Expansion
Was $67 - Now 88% OFF - Just $9
This Is What You Get!
Like I have said before. I have been hit by those ‘quick money’ scams on the internet which claim that you can earn a ton of cash without doing anything. I am going to be really straight with you. There is not a single course out there that can give you money ‘quickly’ and without effort. You need to put that effort in. I would know. I had to do it. I am rich now, though.
No experience or technical background is neccessary for this. Even if you didn’t go to school, you will know exactly how to follow this blueprint. You don’t even need a team to help you out!
The Ninja Scroll Provides:
✓The Crucial Core
Easy. Lightweight. Fast.
This describes how the course works. What you need, and how to prepare for it.
✓ 24 Hours Kickstart System
24 hours’ kick start system for people who only have 24 hours before they are thrust back into the daily grind of 9 to 5. Get started with this system quickly!
✓This Explains The Mystery Why It Works
If you want the best credentials possible, then this section is for you. We discuss in depth how this program has worked for me and 9000 other students. This is just the incentive you need to get up and running.
RISK! You won’t be able to stop the money flowing in. Once it starts flowing in, you will actually need to put in effort to stop it. You don’t want that!
✓ Live your dream twice!
Learn how to achieve your dreams in life. This will make what you want a reality.
✓ Spending Management
Learn how you can manage that huge sum of cash coming in. I will teach you how to be wise with your spending. Once you have your money, you may as well keep hold of it. Spending wisely ensures that you will continue to get rich.
Was $67 - Now 88% OFF - Just $9
Advise! It took me weeks, months, even years to discover the secret.
And yes… I lost a lot of money by testing what works or not.
The LIVEHACKMASTERY Ninja Scroll has been proven to work repeatedly. We haven’t had to change it once in years. This method swill stand the test of time.
Bulletproof results. Don’t wait to take action. The time to take action is right now. If you don’t take action, then you will go back to work, complaining that you do not earn the money you want to live your life. All of my students, thousands of them, have proven that this system works. It is your life. Take control of it. Build your empire today with the LIVEHACKMASTERY Ninja Scroll.
Was $67 - Now 88% OFF - Just $9
I am glad you have made it this far. It shows that you have what it takes to succeed. 7 years ago I took the plunge, and I am sure that you are ready to do the same. I am positive that this LIFEHACK is going to solve your financial problems.
Salute - Morgan
Take action. It is the best lesson you can ever have. If you are still thinking about whether to spend money on this product, then you are going to be stuck in the same frame of mind for the rest of your life. Take action now. Earn the money that you deserve to. You have nothing to lose.
Was $67 - Now 88% OFF - Just $9
P.S. Make Your Self PROUD!
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